Wellness Dropship

Sell thousands of products in your own Health & Wellness / Spiritual website. You’ll have a fully stocked store with up to 5,000 products, plus hundreds of ebooks that your customers can download directly from your site as soon as they pay you. After you order from us, the next step is to open an account with the dropshipper (we’ll email you the dropshipper info as soon as you order) and then once you have a wholesale account we’ll install your store.

We will install for you the latest version of the Zen Cart shopping cart software, upload your template, and import the products and ebooks. You can add your own header image if you like, making your store more in line with your vision.

Your Own Admin:

Password-Protected Admin. Login to your own Admin to easily edit your “About Us” page, “Shipping” page, etc. You can also easily change the front page image by choosing a new image from the metaphysical / holistic images available to you right in your Admin. Just scroll through the many images until you see the one that you like. You can do the same to change the image on the “About Us” page. Or you can upload your own image if you want.

Sale Banners. Easily add a sale banner to your store for any holiday, special occasion, or just to have a sale. Your store comes preloaded with dozens of banners to choose from. The banner will appear at the top and bottom of your store on every page. This is a great way to tell your visitors that you are having a sale.

The great thing about using a dropshipper is you don’t have to keep any inventory and all products are shipped directly to your customers, with your store name and address on the shipping label. Eliminating all of this expense and extra work leaves you time to concentrate on your customers and acquiring more sales.

You’ll have access to thousands of products such as aromatherapy, reiki items, meditation & yoga supplies, books on wellness and spirituality, herbs, healing crystals, body-care products, candles, incense … the list goes on. Your store also comes complete with a search engine to help your customers find exactly what they are looking for, plus the ability for you to create a newsletter to send to all of your customers. You can also create coupons that you can include in your newsletter to get those repeat customers.

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    • All products come from one dropshipper and one warehouse, making it easier for you (no worrying about which product came from which supplier). All packing and shipping is done for you, using your business name and address on the label, and products are shipped out quickly.
    • True Wholesale — you get 50-55% off most items (crystals, incense, candles, etc.), 40% off on books, CDs, tarot decks and DVDs, and then they ship directly to your customer. For example, if an item costs your customer $40, your cost is $20 wholesale for most items (so a $20 profit for you on that one item). Note: a Sales Tax ID Number or Resale Certificate is required to purchase wholesale.
    • You may delete any product or entire categories through the administration area of your store. It is up to you which products you want to sell. You may also edit the text of any product, or create new categories and subcategories.
    • 350 ebooks are included in your store. Selling ebooks means you get to keep 100% of the profits! Your customers can download their ebooks as soon as they order from you (there’s nothing for you to do, it is all automatic, you can be selling ebooks while you sleep). In addition to the 350 ebooks that are already in your store, you’ll have access to another 450 ebooks that you can add to your store yourself (giving you a total of over 800 ebooks and audio programs). Each ebook comes with a License giving the rights to resale these items.
    • Inventory Management is done by using the CSV file provided by the dropshipper (some editing required; instructions are provided or we can do it for you for $10 per month paid annually – we update the CSV file once per week, so you get four updates each month). This allows you to keep up-to-date on the stock status of all items. After using the CSV file, every item will be updated. You will then have the latest info on what is currently in stock and how many of each item is available. If an item goes out of stock, your store will no longer allow that item to be sold. And if any previously out of stock items become available again, then those items will once again be available for sale in your store. Removing discontinued items is also included in our $10 subscription service, as well as adding new products in bulk (new products are available monthly).
    • Accept credit card orders through PayPal or Square. Your customers don’t need a PayPal account to order (all they need is a credit card). Other payment modules are available such as Authorize.net.
    • Shopping cart — Your store makes buying products easy for your customers, calculating quantities and totaling up amounts. It can add your state’s sales tax (if applicable) and add a shipping charge. Included are the UPS and USPS shipping modules, plus other shipping modules you can use.
    • Search Engine — Your entire shop is searchable, making it simple for your customers to find the products they are most interested in.
    • Social Media — Easily add your social media links that will appear in the footer of your store: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc. You can also add other links, such as to your blog or other site.
    • Featured Products — Here you can select your favorite products to be shown on the front page of your shop. It’s up to you which items get featured, and you have the ability to change it whenever you want.
    • Newsletter — Your customers can subscribe to your newsletter when ordering. This is a fantastic way to get those repeat buyers. With a newsletter, you can offer your customers special discounts, tell them about new items, etc.
    • Specials — Any of the items in your store can be discounted and prominently displayed in a special promotion box seen throughout your store’s pages. Or place all items on sale and promote it by adding a Sales Banner to the top and bottom of your site. Just another great way to drum up sales.
    • Coupons — During checkout, a customer can use a coupon code that you gave them in your newsletter (or that you advertised somewhere) and they will receive a discount off their total (such as 10%). You set the percentage amount, the End and Start dates, and the store will generate a unique coupon code to give out to your customers. This is the best way to get customers back to your shop.
    • Bestsellers — Your store keeps track of everything you sell. The bestselling products are automatically displayed in a “Bestsellers” box that your customers can refer to each time they visit.
    • Reviews — Customers can write reviews on any of the products you offer. This is a great way to encourage sales. A review will not be shown on your site until you approve it (to prevent spammers). If you prefer not to have reviews, you can disable it in the admin area.
    • “About Us” page — Here you can tell your customers a little about who you are. You can edit this page through the Admin area of your store, and also easily change the image (there are many New Age / Metaphysical images available for you to choose from).
    • “Shipping” page, “Privacy Notice” page, “Conditions of Use” page, and many other pages, all can be edited easily directly from your Admin.
    • “Contact Us” page — Your business name and address can be displayed here, and there is a contact form so that your customers can message you with any questions they may have.
    • Your store is tax-deductable as a business expense! You can also deduct what you spend on web hosting. Keep track of all your expenses so you have it ready for tax time.
    • Support — We are here for you. We have a Help page in our Members’ site that you will have access to, and a forum is available. Plus, you can always email us if you have any questions.

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